One million dives submitted to eOceans! Thank you.



There has been a lot of hard work going on around the world over the last few years  —  Outreach have been tirelessly promoting eOceans projects, and Field Teams have been exploring the oceans to carefully report what they see. I’d say we have reached an important milestone.

In April 2016, eOceans surpassed One Million dives in the database.

Thank you for your dedication!

For eShark, the top contributing countries are Thailand and Fiji thanks to the efforts of our on-the-ground Outreach Partners  — Shark Guardian and Great Fiji Shark Count.

For our current “Marine Conservation Survey“, the top contributing countries are Bonaire, Indonesia, Maldives, Philippines, and Turks & Caicos — there is still 2 weeks to go with this, so these may change! Here, we thank many individuals and organizations for spreading the word, posting the project on your Facebook Pages, Twitter feeds and for passing along the survey to others. We especially thank Lauren at Gili Shark Conservation for physically taking the survey around to two countries and enabling others to contribute their observations. Also, Mission BlueX-ray magazine, Buceo Scuba News, Redmap, Marine Debris Tracker, The Gills Club, Australian Citizen Science Association, and many individuals who have shared, forwarded, retweeted, and posted the project to their networks.

eOceans is not data for data-sake — stay tuned for more publications!

We have already produced  a number of summary documents and peer-reviewed publications using these data (see publications page), but have many more in the works!

These take time — we are a very small team — but stay tuned for new publications that use these observations to identify hotspots, threat priorities, conservation needs and identifying successes.

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